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Keep Calling

I am a child of God, and I’m here for a reason. Nothing can’t stop me, not even a bad season. When the pain knocks me to my knees, I get back up. He keeps me moving, anytime I get stuck. Sometimes my mind feels gone, but my heart remains the same. Even in the darkness, I keep calling his name…


Have you ever felt like the more positive moves you make in your life, the more negative things keep happening? I don’t know about you, but I have. It will make you question everything around you and everything that you’re doing. The one thing you can’t do is lose faith. When positive moves seem to bring negative results, that is a test of your faith. Keep calling on God through the tough times and watch you destroy mountains of burden that you thought were impenetrable.

What if your bad season was actually your best season? Instead of folding and becoming the negative force that’s attacking you, hold the line in your faith and see what the new horizon brings. I’m not perfect. Let’s get that clear. There have been times when I was hurt and full of anger and wanted to inflict pain, because it was inflicted on me. At the same time I prayed on it and became stronger from the very thing that was trying to destroy me.

Build character during the tough times, so you can appreciate the lessons learned from the challenges.  The reason it seems like bad things happen when you’re trying to do good is because something is trying to block you from your victory.  Don’t rob yourself of victory by being distracted with losing attacks. What God has for you no demon can take it from you. You can only take it from yourself by stopping the positive flow by reacting to a negative situation. Let go of the darkness, so you can be drawn to the Light…

Edgar Alan Cole, M.B.A.






The Long Run

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10 years

When it comes to your dreams, how much time are you willing to sacrifice to make it happen? Are you willing to give your dreams 10 days, 10 months, or 10 years? How long? The statement, “It takes 10 years to be an overnight success,” is an incredible hyperbole that alludes to the fact that success takes time and dedication, and it probably won’t happen overnight. You have to figure out what works and what doesn’t work, which only comes from trial, error, and experience. This is how real bosses think. While everyone else is trying to capitalize on the short run, they realize real wealth is gained by focusing on the long run. Focusing on the long run is the only way to become successful and stay successful. Building a brand that will last is a process that can take 10 years to create. When I speak of longevity related to building a brand, I like to refer to it as creating a competitive advantage. This excerpt from the book, From No Collar to a White Collar, explains exactly what a competitive advantage is and why it’s so important to long-term success:

The ultimate goal of long-term planning is to create a competitive advantage in the target market.  When an organization is able to create a competitive advantage, it corners a market and becomes the only one that can offer a particular product or service under certain conditions.  Under these conditions a competitive advantage exists when an organization is able to meet or exceed the expectations of its customers, and competitors can not duplicate or imitate the same success in the long-run.11 This means you have created a product or service that cannot be copied by your competitors for at least two to five years, maybe even longer in some cases.  For this period, you have gained a competitive advantage.  Not only would you have a sustained competitive advantage, but you would be able to make higher profits and dominate the competition.

To better explain this let me use myself as an example. I already have at least 10 books that I want to write and publish. Two of those books have already been published. The first book did OK, but my second book is already an Amazon Bestseller! To become a bestseller I did my research and discovered a formula for success to make that happen. My competitive advantage is having a formula that guarantees I will be an Amazon Bestseller. How many independent authors would like to have this formula? I’m assuming a lot would. My formula for success and the unique books that I write are part of my competitive advantage. This is part of my 10-year plan. I’ve been in business now for five years, and it might take five more years to achieve my goal of becoming a New York Times’ Bestselling Author.

My long-term strategy wasn’t created overnight. It took me five years to develop the bestselling formula that works for my business. Don’t sleep on the concept of creating a competitive advantage! This concept is used by Fortune 500 companies to stay on top of their markets. Only one word can describe this 10-year plan, dedication. I am so dedicated to becoming the highly-acclaimed successful writer I want to be, and my success will not happen overnight. Let’s see how things turn out in five more years. To be honest with you, I just can’t give you my bestselling formula for free. But I do have one that definitely works, and it’s free of charge. Hard work + Dedication = Success. If you are serious about achieving your goals, what is your 10-year plan?

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11. Grimwade, N. (2009). Competitive advantage. The Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Vol. 1, pg. 208. 6pgs. Retrieved August 5, 2010, from ProQuest database.


The Coffee Shop

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As he sat in the car finishing his breakfast, Jerry thought to himself, “What a beautiful morning.” That was a true statement for him, even though it was pouring down raining. While others hated the rain, Jerry always found himself captivated by it. He thought of it as God’s way of cleansing the world of all the shit people dumped in it. He really didn’t like people, because people really didn’t understand him. “They’re all idiots,” was one of his favorite sayings. Some of the rain splashed on Jerry’s head from his driver’s side window being cracked. His seat was leaning back as he exhaled a huge cloud of smoke out of the crack. He finished his breakfast and headed into the coffee shop. Mind on cloud nine and lost in his thoughts, he took his time making it to the door. The rain was smacking Jerry in the face, but that only made him hold his head back even further, to feel it even more. An old man was coming out the door as Jerry was coming in. He held the door for the old man, “After you Sir.” The old man didn’t say anything but gave him a mean stare. Jerry didn’t pay it any mind. He was used to it. The aroma of Jerry’s clothes was usually very loud and often caught people off guard.

With his messenger bag tightly by his side, Jerry made his way inside. He immediately looked for a free table by the window. Being able to see the rain was a must for him. Hopefully the words would flow like the torrential downpour outside.  He was there to see if he could get over his writer’s block. He hadn’t been able to write shit since she’s been gone. His love was far away, and he could only think about the next time he would see her beautiful face. The songs he wrote were always influenced by her. Six months had passed since she was away, and his lyrics stopped flowing. While she was in Madagascar for her job, his mind was on another planet thinking about her. Writing songs was his livelihood. Everybody in Atlanta wanted to make it in the music industry, and Jerry capitalized off the thirst of starving artists trying to make it. They had a good reason to flock to him for lyrics. Most of his songs usually turned out to be hits. You couldn’t even tell Jerry was wealthy. Money didn’t motivate him. Only the love for his craft and her made him feel rich. Even his car had to reflect the love he had for things that really mattered. His father left him a 68 Roadrunner when he passed. The car was rusted out and falling apart when he got it. Jerry put over $100,000 into the green girl to restore her to mint condition. That was his way of making sure his father’s memory would always be crystal clear, when he looked at his reflection in the candy paint.

Jerry made his way to the counter, and a little blond named Mandy greeted him. “Hi Jerry! You look so good today. I love your cologne. What kind is it?” “Thank you. I’m not sure Mandy. I just put some on before I left the house.” “Well whatever it is, you smell so amazing. Do you want your usual?” “Sure. That will be fine.” Then he handed Mandy a $20 bill, even though his drink was only $6. Jerry couldn’t tell if Mandy always flirted with him because he was attractive or he tipped well. He really didn’t give a shit. His heart was in Madagascar with her. Mandy kept trying to keep Jerry’s attention. “So what are you working on today handsome?” He started to get a little irritated. “Shit, I don’t know girl. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. How’s that drink coming?” “Oh! I’m sorry. I forgot to start on it. Let me get to work.” “Thank you. I’m going to have a seat at the table over there, by the window.” “OK honey. I’ll bring it to you.” Still feeling the effects of his breakfast, his nose was keen on the aromas floating in the air. His favorite drink was a dirty chai latte. It consisted of chai tea, one shot of espresso, caramel, almond milk, and whip cream to top it off. His love gave him the recipe.

That was their drink. Jerry would make passionate love to her every morning when they were together. Since he was so strong minded and hard to tame, her favorite position was riding him. That was the only time she fully controlled him. She would strap her beautiful, dark body on top of Jerry’s rock hard penis and ride him to ecstasy. Riding up and down on Jerry’s manhood she would look deep into his eyes and ask him, “Do you love me?” With his hands pinned to the bed by his lover, he would whisper with passion, “Yes my love, forever.” Then he would flip her over into missionary and gaze into her eyes. They were so beautiful. Her eyes were a dark cinnamon and would change to lighter shades of brown in the sunlight. At first her eyes would be closed as Jerry thrust himself in and out of her, while he stared at her face. Then she would open her eyes and catch Jerry staring at her. He would turn his head with embarrassment. She would always turn his head around with her hands; look into his eyes and say, “You can look into my eyes while you’re inside me.” She knew what she was doing. Jerry would look so deep into her eyes that he pierced her soul. It didn’t matter, since his soul had merged with hers. With every stroke they would exchange love faces, until they both climaxed. After they finished, they would take a shower together; make love again while they were in there; and head to the coffee shop.

While Jerry sat at the table reminiscing, a humongous set of thunder and lightning hit, “Booooommmmm!” The lightning streaked across the sky. He was startled and forgot where he was at for a minute. Mandy made her way over to Jerry with his dirty chai and said, “Wow! That was bright and loud. I can’t stand it when it storms.” Jerry quickly corrected her and said, “Don’t say that. It’s just God doing his work. There’s nothing like it.” She told him, “OK Jerry. I’ll try to think of it that way.” She sat his drink down, and he took his first sip. From that one sip the lyrics finally hit him. He was able to write about her:

This is our place. Isn’t it Beautiful? The sky is so magical, and your enticing essence is oh so plentiful. I never felt like this before. You’re an angel that I truly adore.  As I look into your Lovely eyes, I know that I have finally arrived. Querencia is where my heart desires to be. Your love is where I find the best in me…

She was the only one that understood him and could make him feel this way. Jerry loved that coffee shop. But even more he loved her. He sat there writing away in his pad. With every sip of dirty chai, his mind dug deeper and deeper into her. Jerry finished his last sip and yelled out, “Yes my love, forever!” As he sat there writing inspired by her, the rain kept pouring…

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Who’s Watching?

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In my mind I’m not special. I simply lead by example of what can happen, when you don’t give up and live out your dreams. Being the best at what I do is a goal, but inspiring others to be the best at what they do is the mission. The only way to make a difference in this world is to trust in Him, believe in you, and be an example to us. Whether you realize it or not, somebody is always watching.

I want to make sure that my best foot is always going forward. If I’m caught on my worst day, I want my audience to see the best effort ever to make it right. One of my favorite equations is Hard Work + Dedication = Results. No one said the results would come overnight, and no one said the dedication would be easy either. Hard work is the fixed variable in the equation and the cornerstone for making the formula work. If you ever thought about giving up on your dreams, just come visit my little corner of the world. You can at least say to yourself, “Damn, this dude has been at it forever, but he never gives up.” If you notice that one attribute of my grind, then my mission is complete. Stay blessed as always friends.

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Fully Loaded

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I have a fully-loaded weapon pointed straight at my target. Bullets composed of thoughts on how I can penetrate the market. First Shot: I aimed at his head and filled it with knowledge. His self-doubt was murdered. Now he’s thinking about college. Second Shot: I hit her in the heart, and she was resurrected with self-worth. Now she has knowledge of self and doesn’t even want to twerk. I’m a dangerous man with my fully-loaded weapon. If you’re afraid of conscious thought, I suggest you keep on steppin. When they put me on trial, I’ll gladly take the stand. “Yea, I killed negativity, and I’ll do it again!”

The Gift and the Curse:

Knowledge is the most dangerous weapon known to man. With that said many of us  are exposed out here, due to a lack of artillery. Even though I look at myself and say, “You’re not perfect and have your own imperfections. Why do you have to be the one to speak the truth?” If you have explored my previous writings, you know I find it perfectly natural to have a conversation with yourself. But I feel like it’s a burden at times speaking about things that need to be said but not necessarily wanting to be heard, by the ones who need to hear it. Knowledge of self and self-worth are things we need to truly love ourselves. When you see the bullshit and ignorance people do for attention and fame, it makes you wonder if anybody even graduates high school anymore. In the 80’s and 90’s rappers used to always say, “No sellout!” These days you are a sellout if you don’t sell your soul to the status quo and fall in line like the rest of the sheep. These are sheep being led by a master of deceitfulness and self destruction.

Today negativity sells, and being positive will make you an outcast. That doesn’t bother me. Outcast is one of my favorite hip-hop groups anyway. More of us need to become outcasts and bring positivity to this world. Regardless of how much controversy or “hate” I get for speaking my conscious thoughts, I refuse to quit. There’s a lot of bullshit going on in our society. Remember the greatest trick the evil ever pulled was making the world think he didn’t exist. In the 21st Century if we keep getting away from God and stop educating the youth, we are doomed! I refuse to “dumb it down” for the ones who want the sheep living in the bliss of ignorance. Even though I don’t have kids, I have nephews and youngsters who look up to me. I have to keep giving them knowledge no matter how uncool or less trendy it is.

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Artistic Therapy

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It hurts to have these thoughts in my head. So with every stroke I left my mark, until the paper bled. My lips couldn’t speak it, so I let my heart express it. Maybe my confession of expression can help heal their depression. I lead by example by what a true heart can do. Let it all out no matter what they think of you. I am an artist.

Am I an Artist?

If you put your heart and soul into a writing, painting, song, drawing, or performance, you are an artist. It doesn’t matter if there is a thousand people in the audience or no one, you are an artist. I think a person can cause a lot of damage to themselves when they turn to social media or people in general for approval. Artists tend to get away from the reason they began to create in the first place. Therapy was the reason many people began to create incredible things. For me I really began my creativity after discovering my late mother’s journal. My mother was bi-polar and was tormented by the disease for decades. When my mother passed, I went back home to help out the family. One day I was going through her things and discovered her journal. As I began to read it, tears were flowing down my face. It was one of the most beautiful and saddest things I had ever read in my life.

At the same time I realized that she was expressing her deepest thoughts and relieving the burdens on her shoulders with these words. My mother was creating art in the form of written therapy. From what I figured I was the first person to ever lay eyes on my mother’s writings. Even though she didn’t have an audience, her art served her well.  It took a minute before I began my artistic therapy. When I finally began writing, the words wouldn’t stop flowing. As an artist you have to reach a point where you completely embrace your calling, regardless if monetary goals or recognition from others hasn’t been achieved, yet. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money or be recognized for the hard work and passion you put into your craft, but you should never lose sight why you began to create in the first place. Make sure the craft is still healing your wounds and not giving you new ones, from not achieving a goal with your art.  I am a firm believer that an artist exists in all of us. Some people just use their talent for therapeutic purposes, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you are trying to make a living out of your craft, keep going and never give up. You just have to make sure that you don’t lose focus on why you began to create in the first place.

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The Comfort Zone: Step Out of It

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Stepping out of your comfort zone is exactly what it says:

Your mind feels exhausted due to a new way of thinking. Your muscles ache due to the body taking steps it never has. Then exhaustion transforms into inspiration, once the new thoughts turn into action.

The soreness transforms into strength, once the body becomes conditioned to the new path. Once you become used to the changes, start the process over. We have to constantly stay innovative in our lives, if we want things to change for the better.

For example, I am a very talkative person when it comes to my family and friends. When I get on a roll, it’s hard to shut me up, true story. But when it comes to meeting strangers and telling them about my company, I become very quiet. My quietness has nothing to do with shyness. I’m just on guard when I meet new people. It’s just the way I grew up. You had to be leery of strangers. Another reason is that I don’t like rejection. In the past when I was at a book fair and someone didn’t  buy my book, I took it personal.

When it comes to business, that is the absolute worst attitude to have! I was in a comfort zone about how I wanted to handle strangers and potential customers. Networking is the cornerstone to building a great business. I had to get out of my comfort zone of being leery of  strangers. Rejection is part of sales. I had to get out of my comfort zone and get used to rejection.

Once I got out of my comfort zone, I began to see my business take off!  I met and networked with celebrities like Tom Joyner, Wendell Pierce, and J. Anthony Brown. These encounters would have never happened with the old me.  Delanie Walker from the Tennessee Titans endorsed my book, due to my networking skills.  When a potential customer decides not to buy my book, I thank them for their time and tell them to have a nice day. With my new attitude I keep going until I make that sale! Get out there. Step out on faith and see what happens. I’m a living witness you can make it happen.

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Failure Is Not an Option

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Staying focused on the failure will keep you distracted from the victory. After you fall down get back up, dust yourself off, and keep striving for greatness. Every winner failed before victory was achieved. They just never gave up until the goal was accomplished.

Failure should be viewed as a lesson learned and not the end of the road. How many times have you heard successful people say they never gave up on their dreams, and that is why they are winning? The formula is there, and it is so simple. Notice I said the formula is simple but not easy. Saying to yourself never give up is simple. Staying on the path when failure strikes is hard. At the same time you have to dedicate yourself to achieving your goals by any means necessary. Failure is not an option, and never giving up is the only solution for greatness.

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The Talk

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If you are a Black man or woman over the age of 30, there is a good chance you have experienced “the talk.” I must have been around 13 when my parents had it with me. My parents noticed I was starting to figure out who I was a  person and the changes I was going through as teenager. On this particular day I had just got home from the basketball court. My father told me, “Have a seat son. Your mother and I want to talk to you.” I was thinking to myself that I hope this isn’t about sex again. We had that talk a few year ago.

My mother was present for the talk, but she didn’t say too much. My father started off with, “Now son we want you to know that we love you and don’t want anything to happen to you. You’re at that age now where you’re going to be hanging out with your friends and discovering new things. The one thing we want you to discover is that you are a young Black man and could be targeted by the police.” I stopped my father right there. “Why would I be targeted by the police dad? I haven’t done anything.” My father went on to say, “It doesn’t matter son. Some people and some police are gong to prejudge you because of the color of your skin. If you ever get stopped by the police, always be polite and say yes sir or ma’am. Never make any sudden movements for your pockets or like you’re going to run. Never run whatever you do! If they ever ask you to do anything, do it. If they ask to search you, put your hands in the air, and tell them you would like to speak to your parents.”

Unfortunately this is a mandatory conversation many Black parents have had with their Black sons and daughters for decades. Is it right? Yell no. Is it necessary? Hell yes. I pray and hope there will be a time when this talk is unnecessary. From what I observe going on my community today, the talk will not end anytime soon. God have mercy on us all.

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Robbery Gone Bad

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Third eyes blinded, they were thinking criminal minded. Ski masks on about to catch the man slipping. He was coming out the bank, and cocaine is what they had been sniffing. The wise man told them, “Why rob him when you can get the whole bank?” The skeed up robbers didn’t know what to think. He told them, “I just made a million off one flip of real-estate.” He told them, “Why rob that man when we can hit the whole bank?” He told them, “That’s what they want you to do. Make you so hopeless that you don’t even think. Come get money with me youngsters. Why rob a bank?” The man made it out the bank and into his car. A wise man made them think.


The poem alludes to the fact that some of our youth are lost with no direction. At the same time we have to present them with solutions if we really want them to listen to us. Chemical distractions and hopelessness are some of the tough challenges the youth are facing. We have to make them think while presenting a real solution. Instead of sitting around and judging our youth for the dark paths they are taking, lets present them with a path full of hope and opportunity.  

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